Multicultural Community

City Light is a diverse community, growing through the Gospel of Jesus
while reaching our city and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus.
We invite you to join us!
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What's Happening

Last Sunday:

Unstoppable: Testify

December 29, 2019

Join us as we continue our series in the book of Acts and explore what the early Church was like and what it means for the Church today! Click here to listen!

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Bible Reading Plan

2 Chronicles 1-9

We encourage everyone to grow together as we read weekly from God's word!
Download the bible reading plan here:

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Join One of Our Weekly Missional Community Family Meals (Current MC Study: Habits of Grace)

MC Host Homes

Our MCs gather each week for a meal, study, and fellowship in church members' homes. Our current study is Habits of Grace. Click the link to find more information on how you can be a part of the heartbeat of City Light!

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Tacos and Talk

November 17, 2019
Crawford House

City Light values Christian fellowship with honest dialogue around real issues built on the foundation of the Gospel. Join us on November 17th for another one of those moments. Plenty of food, plenty of fun, but even more Gospel-centered conversations to push through the walls of division the culture erects around us. See you there!

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We exist to shine the
in our city through the
lives of His people.

What to Expect

All are welcome!

You are our honored guest. We will do our best to make you feel that way!


Sometimes caffeine is needed :)

Kids Under 4

We are ok with a little bit of noise during our service. Kids under 4 are welcome to be with their parents during the service.

City Light Kids

Ages 4 through 11 will have their own age appropriate program. Come a few minutes early to get them checked in.


Come how you feel comfortable. You may see shirts and ties, polo shirts, and t-shirts. As long as you’re covered, you’re covered!

Diversity in Worship

We encourage all to participate even if its something they aren’t used to. We embrace our cultural differences and believe its what make us better, causing us to grow in unexpected ways.


Our pastoral staff hopes to both challenge and encourage the heart. This will be followed by an invitation to prayer.
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